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Date: April 2015 - September 2015

Client: Warwickshire County Council

Value: £440,000 approx.

Form of contract: NEC 3 Option A

Brief Description of Works

The purpose of the works was generally to provide a new 3- arm roundabout on B4451 Southam Road in Kineton, Warwickshire with subscribed circle diameter of 38m. The roundabout has a 3.0m wide combined footway/cycleway on each of the arms.

The works comprised of the following:

  • Site clearance

  • Permanent timber fencing and gates

  • Temporary protective fencing

  • Drainage and storm attenuation systems (including SUDS and headwalls in structural concrete)

  • Service ducts and associated chambers

  • Earthworks

  • Flexible road pavement construction

  • Footways/cycleways and other paved areas

  • Pre cast concrete kerbing, channels and other forms of edge restraint for paved areas.

  • Permanent traffic signs and road markings

  • Street lighting installation (including electrical work, feeder pillars and supply connections)

  • Landscaping and ecological works

Live Highway Working

The challenge of working on a live highway at the entrance to the village of Kineton combined with maintaining site access to a fast growing housing site was demanding. However, by planning the works in a phased sequence of events using temporary traffic signals, traffic flows were maintained throughout the construction period.

The choice of the best traffic management was arrived at by consulting our specialist subcontractors with whom we have a continuous relationship on other schemes. The overall intention was to maximise production while offering safe space for vehicles to flow all in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic signs manual and the associated “Safety at street works and road works – A code of practice” The option of a road closure was not permitted by the overseeing organisation due to the lengthy diversion route which would need to be implemented.

Pedestrians also had to be carefully managed by providing safe walking routes through the works. This included managing safe passage across a narrow bridge at the southern end of the scheme.


Following the successful completion of this scheme, both WCC as the overseeing organisation and the housing developer delivered complimentary remarks to McVeigh Construction because the six month construction phase passed without a single complaint from the general public. All challenges were met and resolved by relying on many years experience of working on live highways throughout the Midlands and Warwickshire in particular.

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